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Oftentimes the problem doesn’t just reside in the furnace or boiler exclusively. For example, one of the main problems with furnaces is reduced airflow. If the furnace does not receive the proper airflow, it can deteriorate quickly. Other companies often attempt to sell you a new furnace as a quick, profitable fix. At John’s Plumbing & Heating, we look at the entire picture and fix the issue as a whole so you never have to worry about it again. Anyone can fix a motor. We fix the problem.

There are many types of boilers for a variety of heating situations, which include regular and high-efficiency condensing models. Types of heating include steam heat for radiators, hydronic hot water heat (usually released at baseboard registers) and in-floor radiant heating.

John’s Plumbing & Heating is experienced in each method available and we will point you in the proper direction for your home and budget. We provide the knowledge, skill and experience needed so you can make the right choice for your new or replacement boiler.


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